Karen's Blog

May 25, 2013
Wow, time has flown and lots has happened!
April was busy with Easter done but the anticipation of summer along the way. Lots of practice and collecting some recent pictures to share with you all.
May has seen a few events:
Walk with the Lions- I was only involved in a minimal way but still enjoy the paintiness! Shame I didn't do more. There was certainly a demand for it. However, I took time to share an event with my lovely girls and left the painting to others who could easily handle the crowd.
Half Term Painting in Bridgwater- Tomorrow (May 25, 2013) sees me sharing some designs in an area I have not visited often despite not living all that far! I am looking forward to painting many faces. I wondered what odd requests I will have tomorrow?
Stay tuned for a follow up...
March 21st, 2013
This year, so far, has been busy, but now the season has truly begun. I have to say that it is all getting very exciting! With my girls close to the end of shows, festivals and exams, I can return full force into thinking up designs, trying them out and getting more ideas! Now that Easter is fast approaching, with all the colours and vibrancy it brings...well creativity is in the air.
I am out and about from Easter time making children smile. Come along during the holidays to Barrington Court for the egg hunt AND you will find me in Weston-Super-Mare on a couple of dates helping to keep children busy at Asda. 
I have noticed that there are more people looking for face painting for their childrens' parties now. That makes me very happy! Not just because it helps business, but because birthdays and parties are fabulous times to celebrate and who wouldn't want to be a part of someone's special day! 
Something to remember when looking at party ideas...it doesn't have to be just facepainting. packages can be tailored to the needs of the party. Just ask!
Until next time ;o)
March 24th, 2013
The cold and damp from outside has clouded my mind and my brain, feeling fuzzy, just tells me to sit back and find things that offer comfort. Homemade veggie soup and just baked bread for lunch today methinks!
I can't fathom the idea of working on designs, so today I am pampering my kit. I hope you find nice comforting things to do today!